Do You Need To Concrete Your Wood Fence?

Witt Fence does not concrete the posts. With over 30 years of experience installing fences in Florida, concrete is not necessary in our soil conditions for more than 95% of our customers. Our soil is sandy, once the post is set and the dirt repacked around it, the dirt sets around the post forming a seal as good as concrete while allowing water to drain naturally and the post to dry out.

Concrete is hydrophilic, it attracts water and the area around the post will always be moist and lead to the post rotting from the moisture. Another benefit of not having concrete around the post means that the fence is allowed more give in strong winds, reducing the chance of posts snapping. It is cheaper to come out and straighten the fence than it is to replace broken posts and sections.

If you have any questions about your wood fence install, call us. We’re happy to help.