How Much Does Will it Cost to Build my Fence?

Factors in a new fence or fence repair

Size of the land – Cost will range based on the amount of materials needed to cover the amount of land you’re looking to fence. While price per square footage ranges by material, it is important to know the property lines and an accurate estimate of the land. Land surveyors may need to assess what you’re able to do within code and on your land, and can average around $500, though we at Witt Fence will help in that process.

Fence Material of Choice There are many different types of fencing with many different competitive advantages. While a chain link fence could be cost efficient, it might not provide the same security or aesthetic advantages a wood or vinyl fence could. Also, in Florida, you always have to be thinking about maintenance due to weather and storms. Standard wood fencing, while beautiful, could range in pricing due to the type of steps taken to enhance the durability of the material (type of wood, coating, etc). There are averages and helpful information based on national data, but every home and need is different.

City Permits and Utilities – With installing a new fence, there can be incurred costs for permits and the avoiding of running into utilities nightmares (cutting into a water or electricity line). It is best to cover your bases and make sure what you’re doing is allowed. We can help you start that process.

Using a Fence Contractor or DIY – Using a Fence Contractor is usually the best way to achieve your needs, given that they are trained and licensed professionals in that field. Most of the time, the cost of labor, parts and material is more than worth the return of your time. Having served the Tampa area for Fences and Gates for a long time, we’d always suggest using a professional, even if that professional isn’t us. An easy way to gauge the amount of potential time, resources and money that could go into installing a new fence is to call us. We’d be happy to help.

We currently have one of the best selections of fencing in the greater Tampa Bay area with the choice of chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, wood fencing, vinyl fencing or even the option for fence coating.