Top Gate Operator Questions

Do your gates come with a warranty?

ANSWER: Witt Fence Company warrants all gate operators for 1 year after installation. Most manufacturers warrant their parts from 2 to 5 years after installation. After the first year a nominal service fee is charged for our technicians to come to your property to diagnose any issue that you may have. If a part fails that is still under the manufacturers’ warranty, it will be replaced free of charge except for our service call fee.

Are they any maintenance costs associated with automatic gates?

ANSWER: An automated gate is a mechanical device. Parts do wear and fail over time. When considering the installation of an automated gate system, maintenance costs need to be calculated into your future budgets. Witt Fence Co. recommends that if you cannot afford to spend at least $300.00 annually in the event of a failure after the warranty period has expired, an automated gate system may not be meant for you.

Why do you charge a service call fee?

ANSWER: We do not make a profit on our service call fees, they are a convenience for our customers and help to offset our technicians time’ and insurance on the technician and our vehicle.

Do I have to replace the gate battery?

ANSWER: Batteries eventually wear out. Plan on replacing your battery every 2 to 4 years. It is cheaper if you do it yourself, or you can pay us to do it for you.

What if my gate is solar powered?

ANSWER: If your system is a solar powered unit, periodically check the trees around the solar panel. The trees may have grown into the path and may be blocking the panel. Clean the panel periodically; anything blocking the panel will reduce how well it charges the battery.

How can I take proper care of my automated gate?

ANSWER: You can help keep your gate system functioning properly by taking some small tasks on. If your gate is a slide gate with a chain, simply lubricate the chain once every 3 months. Keep the path clear of obstructions and grass trimmed to ensure a clean path of travel. Keep grass and weeds away from the control box and spray for ants. With swing gates, if the gate starts to drag, you need to have the gate adjusted in order to reduce stress on the operator.