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Access Control Systems

Witt Fence Company has installed and maintained a wide variety of makes and models of access control systems. We take each customer’s requirements into great consideration while designing a solution that will meet their specifications and fit within their budget. we provide both residential and commercial gate access control systems. Whether you are thinking of a simple keypad or locking mechanism for your home or a sophisticated commercial application, we are capable of making your vision a reality. Access control systems come in different styles and varieties based upon the level of security required or desired. Keep in mind that the options described below can be used in conjunction with each other or in just about any combination to create a total solution. Below are different access control options designed to handle different aspects of your installation.


Standalone keypads usually are either wired to the operator or operate in a wireless manner. We’ve installed dozens of keypad access control systems for commercial businesses across Hillsborough and Southeast Pasco County.

Telephone Entry / Intercom

These systems offer even more control and flexibility. They allow you to speak to, and in some models, see the person you are allowing to access your property.

Electric Locks

Electric gates and access control systems are a simple solution to provide better security for your place of business. Installing electronic locks on your automatic gate and provide even greater security. Card Reader – Card Readers offer your installation a higher level of security by issuing specific cards to specific people while logging all traffic.

Barcode Scanner

For installations that have a heavy traffic load and a desire to know who specifically went in and out, the use of a card reader is an excellent choice.

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