Types of Temporary Fencing

Virtually all construction companies and contractors have needed temporary fence panels or a chain link temporary fence to section off areas of the site or completely enclose the entire construction project. There are various types of temporary fencing, and therefore it is usually not difficult to find the perfect fence for one’s needs. Witt Fence Company is Tampa’s highest rated fencing business and provides several temp fence options for companies in Riverview Brandon, all of Tampa, and Hillsborough County.

Types of Temporary Fencing

Because construction fences are not a permanent part of whatever is being built or remodeled, placing temporary fences on and around the site is the standard procedure for most contractors. However, it is important to choose the correct option from among various temp fence types. In certain cases, temporary fence panels are a better choice than a chain-link temporary fence, but this depends on the following factors:

• Location of the construction site
• Time frame for the completion of the project
• Size of the construction site
• Regulations that are in place in the county where construction is being completed
• Type of project

It is easy to see why temporary fencing is preferred for such projects, as fences of this type are constructed in such a way that they can be installed quickly and easily, and depending on the type chosen, moved from one location to another without much difficulty.

Witt Fence Company offers several types of temporary fencing for commercial construction sites. When considering the various options, contractors should consider aspects such as how easy the fencing is to set up, disassemble, and store, as well as its durability. The fence types listed below are the most popular in the construction industry:


Chain Link Fencing

A chain link temporary fence is one of the most commonly used fence products on today’s commercial market. This kind of fence features an interlocking wire construction, hence its name, and it is also commonly used to section off the back yard or front yard of a residential home. It generally comes in large rolls, which are attached posts. The posts can be driven into the ground or placed in cement holders.

This type of fence, although temporary, has a certain degree of permanency, as it is stationary rather than portable. For this reason, it is considered by some as the most secure type of temporary fencing that can be found. This type of fence is also available in a variety of heights, so that contractors and companies can choose the most appropriate option for the project on which they are working.

Chain link fencing is also available in a variety of heights, so that contractors and companies can choose the most appropriate option for their current projects.

Construction crews should understand that a chain link temporary fence takes a bit of time to install, and therefore temporary fence panels may be a better option if time is of the essence. For long term projects, however, this type of fencing is a great choice because of the security and stability it provides to the construction site.

Temporary Fencing Panels

Among all the temp fence types, chain link panels are one of the easiest to set up and tear down. In addition, it is also quite easy to maneuver them into various configurations and take them from one area of the construction site to another without any problems.

This type of fencing typically comes in individual panels, which are supported by freestanding platforms. In addition, because they are stackable, they are easy to store or load into a truck to transport from one construction site to the next.

Because the posts are not driven into the ground, as is the case with other kinds of temporary fencing, panels can be set on concrete, pavement or even used to block off the street or road when permission for such activity has been obtained. Panels are usually constructed with heavy-duty frames that hold up well under a variety of conditions. Some contractors choose to install this type of temporary fence themselves, while others prefer to have professional installers take over this task. Regardless of one’s preference regarding installation, panels are a terrific, versatile option for almost any project.

Legal Requirements

Depending on the area in which a construction job is being completed, contractors and business owners may discover that certain regulations are in place that require the area to be sectioned off. If this is the case, temporary construction fencing offers the ideal solution. There are many reasons for regulations of this kind in commercial and residential zones.

For example, the construction site may be in an area where pedestrians and motor vehicles pass close to the worksite. Without fencing, debris and dust from any active construction site can create a hazard to virtually anyone. Debris may hit a car or person and cause injury or harm to the individual or the vehicle. A pedestrian may breathe in dust that could result in coughing, sneezing or a flare up of asthma or allergies.

Fortunately, temporary fencing resolves these issues. Such fencing protects passerbys from debris, and can easily be combined with tarp in specific sections where dust is a major problem. In some neighborhoods, work zone regulations also require temporary fencing to improve the appearance of the construction site. Regardless of the regulation to which one must adhere, Witt Fence Company has the perfect temporary fencing solution.

If you live in the Tampa area or have construction sites anywhere in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview or Hillsborough, Witt Fence Company can accommodate your construction fencing needs. Contact a professional today at Witt Fence Company to discuss the best option for temporary fencing to help make any construction project hassle-free.

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