Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing, or also known as PVC fencing, is a low maintenance option for securing your property while providing a more modern appearance.  Very popular with homeowners, vinyl fencing can provide the white picket fence look at a fraction of the normal upkeep of traditional wood fences.  Currently available in white and tan, vinyl fences provide lasting low maintenance privacy and security to your property. Vinyl fences are also being used by builders more and more as an alternative to wood for securing the perimeters of subdivisions and CDD’s.

Vinyl fencing is a synthetic fence that was first introduced in the agricultural industry during the 1980’s as an alternative to wood fencing for containing horses.  Over the years, vinyl fencing has benefitted from additives that have increased the longevity and durability of the PVC fence.  Contact us today to discuss how a vinyl fence can improve your homes appearance and overall value!