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No, 90% of residential fences do not require a deposit before installation. The only exceptions are very large commercial fences and occasional residential fences needing custom fabricated materials to be ordered to complete the job.

You should always choose an installer that has proper general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If they cannot provide proof of insurance or waiver from the state, then you should beware of hiring them.

Research! Do your research. Look around your neighborhood, ask your neighbors, use the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and internet searches, to name a few.

Employees work for the company and, by law, must be covered by workman’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and have automotive insurance on all company vehicles. Subcontractors must have proof that they have purchased insurance or a certificate of exemption if they are the owner of their company. Witt Fence only uses their trained employees, never subcontractors.

Yes. The vast majority of fence companies are supplied by a few wholesalers that only sell their products to licensed fence professionals. It is in their best interest to ensure that they sell the best material possible. The people that you need to look out for are the people trying to sell you a fence driving around in unmarked pickup trucks. If they do not have a business license they must shop where the general public shops for their material.

Witt Fence Co. has been in business since 1986 and has a vast amount of experience in both the residential and commercial markets.

At Witt Fence Co., we can honestly say that we care more about your fence than you do. We want to meet with you and communicate with you from setting up the estimate appointment, to installing your fence, to walking the fence line once the job is complete. We take care of any issues that you may find or answer your questions about why we did what we did and to resolve any issues that you may have right then. Make sure that whoever you choose to install your fence truly cares about your project.

We care about getting it right from the beginning. That means getting your feedback and giving you an accurate estimate from the very beginning. We care just as much about your fence as you do since our name and sign will be on your fence. Our salespeople are made up of experienced fence installers and will look at your yard from a practical aspect, as opposed to just a sales aspect.

Wood fences in Florida last between 10 & 15 years. Because wood is a natural material, the best a wood fence looks will be the day it is put up. Florida’s sun is hard on wood causing it to fade very quickly after installation.

Vinyl fences last as long as you stay in your house. The only enemy to vinyl is mother natures storms. There is no warranty that will cover an Act of God.

No, in Florida the sandy soil acts just like concrete to secure a fence once it is packed and allowed to sit, plus it allows any water to drain naturally. Posts with concrete will hold water and restrict the natural drainage and cause the fence to rot at the ground where the concrete is.

A gate operator is a mechanical device and does need periodic lubrication, battery replacements and adjustments. We can assist you with any and all maintenance.

An automated gate is a mechanical device. Parts do wear and fail over time. When considering the installation of an automated gate system, maintenance costs need to be calculated into your future budgets. Witt Fence Co. recommends that if you cannot afford to spend at least $300 annually in the event of a failure after the warranty period has expired, an automated gate system may not be meant for you.

Batteries eventually wear out. Plan on replacing your battery every 2 to 4 years. It is cheaper if you do it yourself, or you can pay us to do it for you.

If your system is a solar powered unit, periodically check the trees around the solar panel. The trees may have grown into the path and may be blocking the panel. Clean the panel periodically; anything blocking the panel will reduce how well it charges the battery.

You can help keep your gate system functioning properly by taking some small tasks on. If your gate is a slide gate with a chain, simply lubricate the chain once every 3 months. Keep the path clear of obstructions and grass trimmed to ensure a clean path of travel. Keep grass and weeds away from the control box and spray for ants. With swing gates, if the gate starts to drag, you need to have the gate adjusted in order to reduce stress on the operator.

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