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gate operator & access control system services

At Witt Fence, we provide gate operator/access control system repair services to keep your gate in top working order. With written warranties on all repair work, Witt Fence Company prioritizes customer satisfaction and long-term performance for residential and commercial gate access control systems and overall maintenance.

What qualifies as a repair or maintenance?

broken gate

If your gate is not functioning properly, whether that's not opening all the way or struggling to open at all. Witt Fence has the tools and the expertise to diagnose and fix the issue for you.


Our maintenance services ensure that your gate operators and access control systems stay operational and effective. Trust us to replace batteries and outdated components promptly, keeping your property secure. Schedule maintenance today to avoid potential security risks.

inoperable phone entry

If you're experiencing a static or completely unusuable phone box for your gate entry, we can help you get things back in order.

Have Questions?

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repair & maintenance faqs

Having an issue with your gate or fence and you don’t know who to call? Check out these helpful FAQs and call us today to speak to a fencing expert!

  1. Call our office at (813) 671-1995 and book your service call.
  2. Our technician will arrive on site and troubleshoots issues for a flat rate. 
  3. If additional parts are needed, a quote is provided. 
  4. Gate operator/access control system is tested and maintenanced.

Our Service Request Appointment is $195. Our fencing experts are ready to come out to your property and give you a comprehensive repair plan to best suit your needs and budget. Give us a call today!