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Commercial gate operators & security Fencing

Witt Fence Company has installed and maintained a wide variety of makes and models of commercial gate operators and their related accessories. We take each customer’s requirements into great consideration while designing a solution that will meet their specifications and fit within their budget. 

Commercial Gate Operators

types of gates we use at witt fence

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types of commercial gate operators


Swing gates come in two different styles, single or double swing. We can do any combination of swing gates for residential or commercial specifications.


Slide gates also come in three predominant styles; roll gates, Cantilever Gate, “Secure Track” Cantilever Gate, and V-Track Gate.


Barrier gates usually have a single arm that extends across the traffic path and it raises and closes upon activation.


These types of gates are great for restricted space situations as well as situations that require higher levels of security.

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types of commercial ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS


A keypad is the most basic and common way to operate a gate control system. They can be hard-wired or connect wirelessly to your gate operator. The ability to give out the code and have multiple codes reduces the need for remote controls in residential and commercial applications.

Callbox Keypad Entry

These keypads have audio and visual capabilities using the landline and internet connection. Some cellular models can even enable you to control your gate with your mobile device.

card readers & barcode scanners

Manual and automated gates for pedestrian and vehicle access can all be upgraded to an additional level of personal security with card readers and barcode scanners to create a secure environment in exclusive communities and amenities.

commercial gate operator & access control system faqs

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Gate operator and access control systems give your property the highest level of fencing security. These systems come in a variety of designs and functions to best suit your needs and budget.

Depending on your desired gate and system, the process from start to finish can vary. Our fencing experts will provide a quick and accurate estimate on the first visit out to your property. Witt Fence Company guarantees fast, respectful and quality service on every project.